June 2017 Edition


Highlight your home with Ledgestone Veneer

Considering a facelift for your home? Think about installing stone veneer to accent your brick or any other siding choice. This homeowner has chosen a Canyon Ledgestone veneer in the Mountain colour. The size of the stone works very well with the bowed windows replacing the higher maintenance wood panels. If you would like to see how ledgestone veneer would look on your home try the Stone Selex Visualizer.

Ledgestone Veneer for a Successful Design

Choosing the right stone is important. Use the STACK formula. “S” size, shape and style, “T” texture, “A” amount, “C” colour and “K” keep it looking natural.

The rule is: larger stones work well in larger spaces while smaller stones work best in smaller spaces. Large stones used on smaller homes make them look smaller while small stones used on large homes create complicated patterns and sometimes look out of proportion. Moderation is the key to a successful design.

Try the NEW Stone Selex Visualizer today and transform the exterior of your home with stone veneer. Or take a picture of the interior of your home or another area inside that you'd like to see accented with stone or brick veneer and upload your photo into the Visualizer to transform your space with stone veneer from Stone Selex.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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